Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ruby on Rails vs Nevow

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I've just read the post at Blue Sky on Mars, and
I've got to agree 100%. In fact, earlier today, I posted a couple small
projects I am working on in the Nevow
, and mentioned a personal preference for Nevow over Ruby on
Rails. Personally, I believe one has more power and capabilities at
one's finger tips with Nevow. And this in no way takes away from the
simplicity and elegance of Nevow.

First, let me say that I am a huge Zope/Plone, twisted/Nevow,
and PEAK fan. Each has its strengths. But as far as general web
development frameworks go in python, nothing compares to Nevow for
building custom applications from the ground up. I know there are lots
of tools to choose from (Quixote, WebWare, among others), but the
simplest, cleanest -- and in my view -- the most powerful, is Nevow.

has a thriving, active community, so I propose we give David
Heinemeier Hansson
and Ruby on Rails a run for their money. Nevow
and it's community can beat them hands-down. Let's get some amazing and
easy-to-read docs up. Let's get some videos. Let's show the world that
python has even more to offer than Ruby, and a clean web app dev
framework in Nevow is one of them.

Here are some Nevow resources:

Nevow Manual

Nevow at Divmod

Nevow Wiki

Code Repository

Nevow mail list archives

Nevow at

Nevow at PyWebOff

Nevow examples - these are
the examples that come with the Nevow distribution

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