Friday, March 04, 2005

Generic Functions and Rule-Based Systems

Well, I've been pretty bummed that business is keeping me too occupied to attend PyCon 2005 this year. Last year's was so great, and I had a chance to sprint with Chris McDonough and Donovan Preston and learned a great deal from them both.

In fact, I was decompressing the data I took in during the python sprints for the following 6 months. I guess it shows what a geek I am too, that I bemoan too much business, as it's preventing me attending this year.

I was checking out the presentations here, and I came across Phillip Eby's presentation here. This really hit home, since one of the projects I am working on is for processing *massive* amounts of data produced while testing equipment at manufacturing plants. There are sets of sets of sets of ... tests. Thousands of the buggers. Many of them are very similar in nature, and they all have associated rules for pass and failure.

I can't wait to tryout Phillip's generic functions in PyProtocol's... in fact, I haven't waited ;-) I'm already writing some prototype code for it...

Python rocks.

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