Thursday, March 24, 2005

Nevow: URLdb

Well, I am really, really impressed with Nevow. It really grows on you as you code. I've been posting little tidbits that I learn on the Nevow wiki, the kinds of things that beginners should have easy access to.

Today, I dug really deep into the nevow libs and followed the path of form posts (configurables, validation, etc.). Very interesting stuff. Not only do I like the way Nevow behaves and handles for developers, I like its guts, too. That's actually fairly uncommon when it comes to web app frameworks.

Anyway, today was very successful: my TinyURL knockoff (URLdb) is "fully" functional. It has a form interface for posting/creating shorter URLs as well as a URL you can post to via javascript, etc. The reason that I put "fully" in quotes, is that there is no persistent backend storage yet: it's all in memory. This was for simplifying the development/learning process only, and I have already started on writing the Atop classes.

I look forward to using Nevow in the future -- immediately, on the PyKon project; but in general, for any web app that doesn't require the pre-built functionality of a full-blown CMS.

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