Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New Projects

As if things haven't been busy enough, with work, etc., I've got a couple python/twisted/Nevow projects in the works.

The first one is PyKon (Python Ikon), a gallery application for managing galleries, photo albums, and images. It's just getting started, so there's nothing to show yet, but it uses Nevow and the Python Imaging Library. This project actually comes at the request of many friends who have been bugging me about this for quite some time. You know who you are ;-) This will be the first non-technical, user-oriented app I have built with Nevow, and am therefore quite looking forward to it. I will also be delighted to not have to install, run, and manage any more PHP-based galleries.

The second project is a complete whim: I want to be able to provide fellow developers on mail lists and irc channels with a means of using something like TinyURL, but with the additional ability of being able to add an optional, distinguishing string at the end. This will make it more clear when reading a post to a mail list or seeing a bunch of URLs pop up on IRC. I'm calling it URLdb. I started by copying the Nevow pastebin example app (which totally rocks, btw). The code is here.

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