Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Future of Content Management

So this morning I read a great  post on Paul Everitt's blog. He gives a quick run-down on a comprehensive paper by Seth Gottlieb, who I hadn't heard of but have since become very impressed by. Paul provides an excellent quote from the paper, and then makes this comment himself:
Enterprise CMS, and most WCM, is organized like a mainframe. Everything
is in one system and you bring the users to that system. Federated
content management might be a growth opportunity in the market.
I proceeded to post a comment on his blog to the effect of my support and long-standing enthusiasm for this paradigm shift. At the risk of harping on this theme, this is really what's behind the post Dinosaurs
and Mammals
and more recently, The King is dead! Long live the Kinglets!. I also said that I am patiently waiting for the day when the z3 libraries are available as a programming content managing framework, when I will be able to easily integrate z3 content management components into my twisted applications.

While checking out Seth's blog, I came across several awesome posts where he discusses much the same thing, from different perspectives:
My focus is more general than just content management, but let's face it: most of what we need to do on the network these days revolves around content. Between Paul and Seth, I feel very validated for the past two years of exploration and code I have been developing and am encouraged to continue along these
lines :-)

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