Wednesday, January 25, 2006

PyRRD 0.1 on

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Great news! We've released the first version of PyRRD -- you can get it


There are currently
examples of RRD-generation with python code

up on the project site. Be sure to check them out and send me your
questions so I can improve the docs and the code. My goal is to make
RRD easy to use for python programmers... but I can only do so much
with just my own mind and perspective ;-)

PyRRD currently has all of the features we need to do the development
we are focused on. TODOs have been stubbed out in the code were some of
the lesser known and used features of RRD haven't yet been implemented
in this OOP API. As development for the next version of
kicks into gear, I will be adding more of the obscure stuff to PyRRD.


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