Friday, January 13, 2006



I've been catching up on some of my blog reading today, and came across
hilarious and insightful post by fzZzy. For those of you that don't
know about mods, you are seriously missing out. Some of my favorite
music is in mod format (.mod, .s3m, .xm, etc.). In particular, this bit
from fzZzy's post is a perfect summation of all that I have felt about
mods and the mod scene:

There is a psychic difference between the product that one creates for
love versus money. When someone really, truly loves something and does
their absolute best, it bleeds out between the lines, oozes all over
your hands and sticks to you and won't wash off.

Perfectly said. He goes on to talk about programming as his passion and
the joy of doing what you love. Bingo. Exactly how I feel, up to and
including the programming bit ;-)

For anyone that's curious, the song he mentions first is
But don't stop there ;-) Check out that guy's site and his music.
Phenomenal. In particular, "blastoff"... it reminds me of a mix between
Yes and Rush (both awesome) and then with classic game music thrown in
(even *more* awesome!).

For those interested, here are my
mod links at
In particular,
The Mod Archive is where I have gotten
almost all my mod music. Many good memories of downloading mods during
lunch while at USi, back in the day...


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