Thursday, January 12, 2006


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On 13 Nov 2005, I posted to my blog about a "new project" but haven't
followed up with any further info. Well, I made some phenomenal
progress lately, and I can take a break to chat about it. The new
project is
SonicVault, devised and
commissioned by
Neosynapse (a long-time
partner company with mine). As the stub on the wiki says, it is

a networked, encrypted MP3 library that supports fingerprinting
technology (to be used in determing file organization, detecting
duplicates, etc.)

Originally, we were going to do full audio fingerprinting (using
spectral densities, Mel Cepstrum Coefficients, etc.), but found that
there is an open source version of the fingerprinting technology
TRM and since TRM is used with
MusicBrainz, we decided to go
with that. I have since come across another open source solution called
fdmf, and am exploring it for
future use.

We encountered some issues with the python bindings provided by
MusicBrainz, so we ended up writing our own client using the wonderful
RDFLib python package. We put up some
sample code on the
RDFLib wiki that you can check
out. (More on RDF later...)

We now have a functional upload server that encrypts all
communications, an XML-RPC API for querying stored files, and a
built-in MusicBrainz client exposed to the XML-RPC API that provides
users with a facility for easily modifying MP3 metadata/ID3 tags.

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