Monday, January 09, 2006

Silverton, CO


I've just emailed my family about an old, small town in Colorado I have
just fallen in love with: Silverton. I have yet to visit it, but I've
been doing tons of research this week, and Silverton has made it to the
top of a short list.

I've leeched a bunch of photos off the net and put them here, in case
anyone is curious:

I am very excited about the possibility of heading further into the
Heart of the Mountains, higher up in elevation, and deeper into the
snow :-) I love small towns, low population counts, and pristine
forests -- all of which Silverton provides. I've heard a bunch of good
things about Durango (1 hour to the south), so I'm hoping similar
things are true of its neighbors.

I've reached out to a couple of the Silverton community members and
have started hearing back from them. As dreams begin to take shape in
plan form, I will post updates. Be sure to check it out on google maps,

Wish me luck!

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