Friday, January 20, 2006

The Self-Referenceing Cat

software :: python :: webxcreta

I'm thinking of modifying the title- and text-generating of webXcreta
in its generation of posts to
Schrodinger's Box.
Here's what may be cooking:

  • Get all the content from the top 500 blogs like I currently am, and
    keep using the current weighting algorithm

  • But, also get all the content for every post to Schrodinger's Box

  • Have the content from Schrodinger's Box contribute towards a
    significant fraction of the material for each new post

  • And give posts with more comments greater weights

  • And! Include the comments from those posts as part of the source
    material from which new posts are created (but weighted considerably
    less than full posts)

Thus making Schrodinger's Box self-referential... simulating theme and
continuity. I think this would be very interesting, allowing
Schrodinger's Box to "gain momentum" as it were.

Update: Schrödinger's Böx is now occasionally generating posts based solely on the content of previous posts.

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