Saturday, January 14, 2006

Madness Ensues...

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Almost exactly a year ago, I proposed to do something akin to
eigenradio but with text. It was in
blog entry

Well, tonight I decided to take a break from this week's regular coding
tasks, and pick webXcreta back up. I started from scratch again, and it took off... I couldn't stop programming :-) This was a LOT of fun. The
Natural Language Toolkit

has been greatly simplified since I used it last year. It's a dream -- everything I'd always hoped it would be.

The first entry in this new "random blog" is forth-coming. I expect it
to be ready sometime Saturday evening. I've scrapped data from
bloglines' top-100 and have performed all the grammatical analysis on
it. Titles are analyzed and given weights. In fact, the title code is
ready for the first run and has produced the first title. Wanna see it?
;-) The first blog entry will be titled "A Show Of Writer -
. All these entries of insanity will be published here:

Schrodinger's Box.

The last bit I have to do is the weighting for sentences and construct
full entries (it's a little more complicated than generating the

I may end up enjoying this more than "real" blogging...

Update: The first one is up! Check it out here


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